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Kojic acid soap

Kojic acid soap

This soap is made with homemade amasake, homemade mirin(Japanese sweet sake) lees , and freshly milled rice bran.

 The rice used is all naturally farmed rice from Nagano Prefecture (Kamiakari, Sasashigure, Shirogemochi rice), and organic vodka from Maui is used to make mirin, and the alcohol content is vaporized during the soap making process.

 Approximately 66g

 <Ingredients> *All organic

 Pure olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, shea butter, castor oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide,amasake, mirin lees, rice bran, essential oils (mandarin, palmarosa, petty grain, yuzu, sandalwood)

 <About KOJI>

 It has long been said that the hands of the master sake brewer are white, moist and healthy. From experience, Japanese people knew that the Koji  used in sake brewing has whitening and moisturizing effects on the skin. In modern times, the effects of ingredients contained in koji, such as kojic acid and ergothioneine, on the skin have been proven, and they are now being used in cosmetics.

 Recommended: Skin damaged by UV rays, dry skin, aging skin

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