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Sunrise Shell Soap

Sunrise Shell Soap

For skin care in the morning

For those who want healthy skin and heart




Organic coconut oil, organic red palm oil, crystal water, sodium hydroxide ,organic jojoba oil, organic white ginger lily oil


About 55g


Comes in a can and can be used as a soap container when traveling.


Because it contains a large amount of coconut oil, which easily lathers in hard and cold water, it has less moisturizing effect than other soaps. The jojoba oil is designed to remain on the skin after cleansing, but if dryness is still a concern, moisturizing care is recommended after cleansing.



*About red palm oil

It contains a lot of natural carotene and vitamin E, and is said to have the effect of repairing rough skin and wounds, and is used to care for aging skin, dry skin, and after sunburn.


*About White Ginger

In Hawaii, white flowers are famous for the leis that brides wear around their necks. The elegant sweet scent, which is said to warm the body and mind and give you vitality, instantly gives you a sense of happiness when you smell it.


Compared to other soaps, it contains enough oil to give you a strong scent (about 0.5%).



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