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white sage candle in glass jar

white sage candle in glass jar

<Ingredients> All organic

Soy wax, beeswax, white sage infused oil, white sage essential oil, tea leaf candle wick: hemp, beeswax


*Collaboration product with WAIAKOA WILDFLOWERS

These beautiful plants are carefully grown by sisters who studied at Waldorf and run a flower garden at the foot of Haleakala.

Made from powerful white sage grown using biodynamic farming methods.

We create candles in accordance with the movement of the moon, from cutting to cutting and extracting oil.


A candle made from soy wax, beeswax, and coconut oil that does not pollute the air in the room when lit.


The color and aroma components of white sage are extracted into coconut oil using the vacuum extraction method. When lit, the natural color of sage shines beautifully.


Type of size

Mini 3oz (80g)

Small 5oz (120g)

Medium 12oz (270g)

Large 24oz (500g)


Burn time is approximately 6 hours per 1oz

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