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Hinano Healing Soap

Hinano Healing Soap

I have blended the plant oils and herbs used so that it can be used not only for maintaining healthy skin, but also for people with sensitive skin and babies.

It does not contain essential oils that may irritate those with skin problems, so it only has a faint scent of natural herbs.


Extracted ingredients of chamomile, calendula and noni leaves into jojoba oil using a vacuum extraction method. The herb oil is made to protect the skin by leaving a thin layer on the skin after washing.

It also contains plenty of fresh herb powder.


About 2.5oz/73g



Organic avocado oil, organic palm kernel oil, organic macadamia nut oil, organic shea butter, organic herb-infused unrefined jojoba oil (chamomile, calendula, noni leaf), organic chamomile powder, organic calendula powder, noni leaf powder.


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