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Maui Disaster Relief Fund

Maui Disaster Relief Fund

On August 8, 2023, precious lives, homes, and animals were lost in a huge fire that hit the island of Maui.

Many fundraising activities have already begun, but we have decided to collect funds in order to directly deliver the funds to people and organizations that are difficult to reach.


We are thinking of giving support to people who have lost their homes, rebuilding temples that supported Japanese Americans, and an organization (Humane Society) that protects orphaned animals. The situation is changing daily, so we will check the situation from time to time. Because of my family's work, I am in an environment where I can fairly accurately grasp the flow of donations and what is needed to rebuild the community.


We accept orders starting from $5 per bite.



We have been donating product profits to Maui's environmental protection organizations, and by restoring the native Hawaiian forest on the summit of West Maui, Maui's water source, we aim to contribute to the creation of soil that can retain rainwater in an optimal environment. I did.

Native forests have been responsible for retaining water in Maui's soil since time immemorial, but their numbers have declined in recent years due to the introduction of many non-native species.

If native forests are not restored, the soil will continue to dry out, and similar damage may occur again.


Restoring the ecosystem to its original state requires a considerable amount of time, money, and manpower, and the current situation is that it is difficult to attract people's interest and funds because results cannot be seen right away. We are considering continued support to prevent unavoidable water shortages and fires, and to ensure healthy material circulation.


This disaster has reaffirmed our determination to spare no effort in continuing to create products that are both environmentally friendly and people-friendly. We will continue to create products that people who support us will enjoy using them.

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