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Skin food for mom & baby

Skin food for mom & baby

Without using emulsifiers (surfactants), we used the consistency of shea butter to make it creamy.

Beeswax is not used so that it can be used even for newborns. A moisturizing and nourishing cream that can be used by everyone from small children to adults with sensitive skin.

When you put it on your skin, it melts quickly at your body temperature, so please apply it in a thin layer so that it absorbs into your skin.


Protecting your skin after moisturizing with distilled water, cleansing, massage, skin care before going outside during the day, etc.

You can use it all over your body at any time.


Since it is unscented, it only has a slight herbal oil scent or shea butter scent.

If you like, you can mix it with essential oils and use it as a base for aroma creams.


<Ingredients> *Organic

2oz/approx. 55ml, 4oz/115ml in black glass jar

Unrefined shea butter, chamomile infusion oil, lavender infusion oil, calendula infusion oil


Herbal infusion oil is made by extracting dried herbs into jojoba oil and coconut oil using the vacuum extraction method.

The vacuum extraction method extracts herbal ingredients without damage from heat or oxygen, and also separates alcohol, allowing all of the water-soluble and fat-soluble active ingredients of herbs to be extracted into oil.

*The composition and method of making are adjusted depending on the season and ingredients, so the texture may differ slightly depending on the time of purchase.

*Due to the possibility of melting during hot weather, we do not ship this item.

*It will melt at around 36 degrees, so please store it in a cool place out of sunlight.

*If it melts, put it in the refrigerator to solidify, then mix the separated shea butter and herbal oil before using.

*No preservatives are used. Although it is only oil that is resistant to oxidation, please keep it sanitary and use it as soon as possible after opening.

*If you notice any abnormalities on your skin, please discontinue use.



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