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Moonrise Shell Soap

Moonrise Shell Soap

For skin care at night

For those who want calmness and peace of mind, soothing the skin and mind.



Organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, crystal water, sodium hydroxide, organic jojoba oil, organic indigo (indigo), organic jasmine oil


About 55g


Comes in a can and can be used as a soap container when traveling


Because it contains a lot of coconut oil, which easily lathers in hard and cold water, it has less moisturizing effect than other soaps. The jojoba oil is designed to remain on the skin after cleansing, but if dryness is still a concern, moisturizing care is recommended after cleansing.



*About indigo

Indigo has long been loved in Japan for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a high sedative effect and is used to soothe skin inflammation caused by atopy and allergies, and research is still underway.


* About Jasmine

Jasmine, which is also known as the queen of the scent of flowers that Cleopatra loved, is a lovely white flower that emits a scent as the night comes and shines like moonlight. It is a scent that calms anxiety and loneliness and gives you a feeling of relaxation.

Because it promotes labor, it is one of the scents that you should be careful about during pregnancy, but it is recommended for support during labor and menstrual pain, as it relieves the discomfort caused by pain.



Compared to other soaps, it contains enough oil to give you a strong scent (about 0.5%).



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