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Lavender Mist

Lavender Mist

A flower water mist made with organic lavender hydrosol, Hawaiian herbal tinctures and essential oils.


-For moisturizing your face and body

-When you want to change your mood or place

-When you want to wear a gentle scent


<Ingredients> 120ml airless spray bottle

Lavender hydrosol, noni leaf tincture (noni leaf, Maui vodka), vegetable glycerin, pesticide-free and GMO free honey, essential oils (lavender, frankincense, myrtle) *All organic


We will transcribe and deliver the wave of your choice from the following items.

Selected items: Skin/Chakra/Protection


We will remotely measure your current state of vibration and transcribe the vibrations necessary to correct the disturbance, so please provide us with a photo of your face .


It comes in an aluminum bag to preserve the transferred waves.

Store it in a bag when not in use, and store it in a cool place away from devices with strong electromagnetic waves (such as computers and microwave ovens).


No preservatives are used, only the natural preservative effect of the alcohol in the tincture, and a recyclable airless plastic bottle is used to maintain quality. This bottle can be safely used with liquids containing essential oils.

Although it prevents oxidation, we recommend using it as soon as possible and storing it in the refrigerator if possible.


<About lavender>

Lavender, which comes from the word lavanda (to wash), has been used in ancient times to purify the mind and body.

It is an earth element. It will help you regain your true self.

A scent used when you want to calm down emotionally or physically, or when you want to take a deep breath.

It is a popular herb preferred for relaxing at night.

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