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Vibration Healing Water

Vibration Healing Water

It measures the vibrations of the physical body, emotions, and subconscious mind, and creates water that adjusts where vibrational disturbances can be seen.

By adding a small amount of the transfer water to your drinking water and continuing to drink it every day, you will naturally support yourself in the desired direction.


Ask for a specific purpose, such as what you want to improve physically or emotionally, or prepare for the near future (games, child-making, exams, travel), and transfer the corresponding vibrations to distilled water.



1. Please fill in the specific purpose in the remarks column

2. Send us an email from Contacts with a photo of your face for remote wave measurement.

3. The waves are extended and transferred to distilled water (500ml bottled distilled water) and sent in an aluminum bag while retaining the waves.

4. Add a small amount of wave transfer water to your drinking water and drink it every day. (Approx. 1 months)


It is a wave therapy that works not only on the physical body but also on the emotions and consciousness in order to adjust even the emotions in the subconscious by measuring and therapy the waves of the etheric and astral bodies.


*You can also make wave transfer water for your pet.


*The photo used for measurement should have a white background or not show much objects, and the face should be clearly visible. It is not necessary to send photos from the second time onwards.

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