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A Gift from the
Great Nature of Maui

Soaps and candles made from materials from the land and sea of Maui, incorporating various natural remedies such as essential oils and minerals. Mahinahina Maui's products bring abundant energy and love to your everyday life.

Our Products

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Coming Home to Nature, Giving Back to Nature

At Mahinahina Maui, we understand the splendor of the power of nature and create products that condense that power. We use natural materials that are as organic as possible, many of which come from the great nature of Maui. We cherish the vibrations that can be put into our products, and handcraft them gently and with love. Our hope is that this gentle vibration will carry through our products to our customers, bringing them happiness and health in their everyday life. 


In addition to selecting quality materials, for us, it is also important to give back to the nature surrounding us where we live. All of Mahinahina Maui's soap proceeds are donated to local water and environmental conservation efforts on Maui.

Maui Forest Fire Recovery Charity Project 


Mahinahina Maui is supporting a wilderness conservation organization to protect Maui's water sources. In this project, we will donate all proceeds from the sale of eligible products purchased by our customers to support their activities.


Bringing the vibrations of nature into your everyday life

Mahinahina Maui helps you choose essential oils and ores tailored to your condition through private sessions. For more information, please inquire below. (Sessions are offered only in Japanese)


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