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Mahinahina Maui's

Gentle Soap Crafting: 
Nourishing Skin, Respecting Earth

At Mahinahina Maui, crafting soap is an art that begins with the finest ingredients: oil, water, and lye. While these are the basics, the magic lies in our meticulous, handmade approach using the traditional cold process method. Unlike quicker alternatives, our method relies on the natural heat generated by lye's chemical reaction, allowing the soap to mature slowly and air-dry. Though it takes a patient month to complete, the result is a mild, gentle wash unparalleled by other soaps – and it's kind to the earth.


The Cold Process Advantage

for Your Skin

While there are alternative soap-making methods, the cold process stands out for its skin-loving benefits. Unlike the hot process, which uses high temperatures, our cold process retains the integrity of raw materials, preserving the natural glycerin, vitamins, and squalene found in vegetable-derived oils. Approximately 10% of these premium ingredients remain in our soaps, offering a luxurious, moisturizing experience that leaves your skin feeling soft and pampered.

Eco-Friendly Soap:

Gentle on You, Gentle on Earth

Distinguishing between "pure soap" and synthetic detergents is crucial. Many commercial detergents, containing synthetic surfactants* derived mainly from petroleum, pose environmental challenges as they resist breaking down even after sewage treatment. In contrast, our additive-free cold process soap creates biodegradable foam with natural surfactants, ensuring effective skin cleansing without harm to marine life. Some studies even suggest improved water quality and increased microorganisms after its use.

*Synthetic surfactants, preservatives, antioxidants, foaming agents, and fragrances may be included in the "soap base" listed in the ingredients list.


Cleaner Choice for Greener Future

Modern soap production, industrialized for just a century, prompts reflection on its impact. From the beautiful shores of Maui, we contemplate the consequences of mass-produced synthetic detergents on our oceans. This contemplation strengthens our commitment to crafting cold process soap, prioritizing time and effort over shortcuts. 

At Mahinahina Maui, we continue to handcraft soap with love, providing everyone the choice of a product that is gentle on both their skin and the environment.

Mahinahina Maui's
Natural Soap & Skin Care Products

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