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Hana Mizuki

Mahinahina Maui Founder

Deepening her study of ancient and modern natural therapies such as aromatherapy, stone therapy, and wave therapy, she devised her own unique selfcare regimen utilizing the power of natural materials and vibrations. In 2019, she launched Mahinahina Maui for environmental protection, selling additive-free soap and other skin care products. She shares information on "selfcare to regulate vibrations" on Instagram.

Founder Hana Mizuki

I became interested in naturopathy when I was in my twenties, and while learning the basics as an aromatherapist at Neal’s Yard, which was a pioneer naturopathy school in Japan at that time, I continued to learn various natural remedies from experts. Since then, a few decades have passed quickly. In the beginning, I offered sessions as an aromatherapist utilizing the knowledge of "fragrance" and "oil" that I had learned deeply, and thankfully, many clients came to me just by word of mouth. However, after a session, I often felt unwell, and when I started to feel that I could not continue like this, I encountered La Stone Therapy, a therapy that uses "stones." At that time, I felt the effects of stone therapy, and through La Stone, I learned deeply about stone vibration therapy from shamans. Since then, I have become more interested in "vibrations"  and the mechanism by which vibrations work on the mind and body.  I have deepened my research and learning about the scientific basis for vibrations as well.


What I have noticed through my own ailments is that the natural remedy of "taking" supplements and herbs is effective only when the body itself has a certain level of metabolic capacity and energy. When your metabolic capacity is low, taking substances into your body consumes even more energy. 


That's why I create aromatherapy products, which make use of natural materials and essential oils, as a way to incorporate natural remedies easily into your life. They work on vibrations, so they have effects on the mind and body without being taken into the body. For the same reason, I also carry water bottles that can make crystal water. Crystal water works on the vibrations of the body and prepares the mind and body from the electronic level.


Many people don't know what kind of "essential oil" or "crystal" suit their temperament and physical condition at that time. For those people, I offer vibration therapy consultation (currently only in Japanese) to help select oil and crystal that work well with each person and to address questions like these: "How can I increase energy and metabolism?," "What can be improved with my food consumption and lifestyle?," and "How can I deal with symptoms I suffer?"  


I myself have experienced various changes in my physical condition, and natural remedies have really helped me physically and mentally. That's why I want to help as many people as possible with their health and happiness.


Image by Edz Norton
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