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Hair & Scalp Mist

Hair & Scalp Mist

Mist to keep hair and scalp healthy.

It is also recommended for those who are concerned about gray hair and thinning hair.

Spray onto scalp and hair before massaging or brushing.


We transfer the waves for the health of the scalp (skin) and hair.

If you have problems with your scalp or hair, or if you want something more customized, we can remotely measure your current condition and transfer the necessary waves to create your own.

If you wish to customize, please send us a photo of your face by e-mail for wave measurement.


It comes in an aluminum bag so that the transferred waves are preserved.

Store in a bag when not in use, keep away from devices with strong electromagnetic waves (computers, microwave ovens, etc.), and store in a cool place.


No preservatives are used, and only natural preservatives such as herb tincture alcohol, so we use recyclable airless plastic bottles to maintain quality. It is a bottle that can be used safely even with liquids containing essential oils.

Although it prevents oxidation, we recommend using it as soon as possible and storing it in the refrigerator if possible. Since the inside of the refrigerator is grounded, there is no electromagnetic interference, and the transferred waves will be preserved if you put it in a bag.


If you don't want to use plastic bottles, you can change to glass bottles.


<Ingredients> 120ml Airless bottle

Rosemary distilled water, Peppermint distilled water, guava leaf tincture, essential oils (rosemary verbenone, lavender) *all organic


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